Houndstooth with the Hound


When Anne posted her winter capsule, she had this vest and this sweater pretty close to each other, and it inspired me to pair them together for an outfit. I wore this on our Saturday morning walk with Cooper to get coffee and some delicious scones (hello chocolate chip) from our favorite local coffee shop.

This sweater is the perfect blend of chic and comfort (and it is beyond cozy and soft), so I’d highly recommend picking it up while it is still available!

Also, how ridiculously cute is that last shot of Cooper that The Husband snapped? I might be a bit biased.


*Puppy is one of a kind and not for sale! ;)

  • okay, these pictures are adorable. that dog is precious!

  • Awwwwww!!! I want to cuddle him right now!!

  • Yes, it’s a perfect combo! Especially with your cutie pie pup added in. (Though, alas, I was deciding between this sweater and a graphic floral sweatshirt, and when the houndstooth sweater arrived, as amazing as it is, it just didn’t fit me quite right. Seeing it on you again I really wish it had worked out! Anyway, I swapped out for the sweatshirt shown in my last post instead…. But at least the graphic sweatshirt works just as well with this vest!)

  • Yay, puppy pics!! Cooper is such a handsome dog–can you tell I’m a dog person?
    I also love your sweater. I have my eye on quite a few items at Target these days, so it might be time to place an order…

  • Sarah

    Cooper is so handsome!! I can’t.

  • Rebecca

    Coop looks very noble. Especially in the first photo!

  • Yep. I adore that vest and sweater together. I adore your pup too. Cooper is the cutest. I just want to hug him and squeeze him and love him.

  • I have that hat! It’s my favourite!! Love the sweater.

    xx Gabriella