Dress as a Skirt


I love a good blogging challenge. It gets me energized and kind of excited to pull together an outfit (and it is a fun way to check out new blogs/friends)!

This will be my second week in a row of participating in Audrey’s PMT Challenge (you should too), and it’s been a fun way to challenge myself to get creative (especially when dealing with those winter blues). Last week, I added a pop of color (this look here) and this week, I’m using inspiration from Pinterest…or rather, Fran posted this tip on Monday, and I copied it the very next day (that’s how great this inspiration was).

I loved the trick, because I had been wanting to wear this dress, but didn’t really want to wear it with a blazer or on its own. So insert Fran’s trick here.

Wearing a dress as a skirt really enhances the number of ways that you can wear a dress. I still need a little help to figure out the tip fully (hello sweater wrinkles). Soooooo, Fran! Teach me your ways!

ps. You know that Target plaid oversized scarf that everyone wanted/has? It’s back in stock online, so be sure to snag it up quick (here) before it goes out of stock again!

Linking up with Putting Me Together’s Weekly Challenge.


  • On Target item: Pearl Statement Necklace (exact)
  • Sweater: Mossimo, Target (Fall 2014; similar options below…they all have a royal blue option, I promise!)
  • Dress (as a skirt): Old Navy (exact)
  • Belt: Target (super old; super similar)
  • Purse: vintage Coach (thrifted; exact, similar for less)
  • Tights: Merona, Target (exact – $6!)
  • Heels: Merona, Target (exact)

  • Loved the look on Franish and love it on you too. This is inspiring me to try it on one of my own.

  • haha if I had a trick for getting rid of wrinkles, I would patent that so quick, quit med school, and swim around in my swimming pool of money ;)

    • Hilarious! Yours looked so smooth, so I’m sure I’ll be over soon to join you at your pool party! ;)

  • I love this! I do that all the time, it’s such a great trick! Thanks for the tip on that PMT challenge, I’m definitely going to check that out!


  • I love this! Such a lovely color, and such a great way to make a new silhouette out of a dress. Also the black tights/heels look great – I have this weird hangup about wearing them when I don’t have any black in the rest of the outfit for some reason, so some things get neglected when the weather necessitates tights, but this is a good illustration that it totally does work!

  • Jarrod and Lindsay Silcox

    What a sophisticated, put-together look! And I love how you could have used this outfit for the last two style challenges, too — wear a dress and a bright color! :)

  • SydneysFashionDiary.com

    The color of your sweater is so gorgeous. Blue looks really good on you. Found your blog via Audrey’s link. Happy Friday!

  • This is a wonderful trick. I’ll need to try this with a similar shaped sweater!