January 2015 Budget

Well, hello, first month of budgeting after a long bout of not buying clothing/shoes. I kind of did some spending this month, that’s for sure! I’ll discuss below my reactions to the month, but quite frankly I’m okay with what has occurred!

Check out January’s budget below to see the damage:


January 2015 Budget
+ Merona Red Velvet Blazer – $17 ($40 originally – sale – extra 20% off – here)
+ Mossimo Fit and Flare Dress – $0 ($28 originally – giftcard – here)
+ Ann Taylor Stripe Perfect Shirt – $26 ($80 originally – sale price – 60% off sale – here)*
+ Altuzarra for Target Crane Sweater – $14 ($50 originally – 70% off – I lucked out with the last one in probably all of Indy. It’s an extra small, which I am not, but it works!)
+ Cat Flats via Poshmark- $8 ($26 originally – similar)
+ Gap Red/Navy Stripe Dress – $24 ($70 originally – on sale – 30% off coupon code – here)*
+ Ann Taylor Leopard Print Skirt – $32 ($90 originally- sale price – 60% off sale – here)*
+ Old Navy Gray Terry Dress – $23 ($35 originally – 35% off sale – here – this dress fits me like a glove…definitely worth a try on!)

Not Pictured:
+ Old Navy Red Rockstar Jeans – $20 ($35 originally – on sale – 25% off discount – here)*
+ Merona Black and White Polka Dot Dress – $10 ($28 originally – sale – extra 20% off – here)
+ Merona Navy Floral Print Dress – $10 ($28 originally – sale – extra 20% off – here)
+ Merona Red/Blue Print Crossbody Purse – $5 (via Poshmark)
+ Gap Brown Tweed Blazer – $12 (via Poshmark)*
+ Merona Bird Print Button Down Shirt – $10 (via Poshmark)
+ Merona Beige Ballet Flats – $3 ($20 originally – sale – extra 40% off Cartwheel – here)
+ Mossimo Black Suede Ankle Strap Pumps – $6 ($30 originally – sale – extra 40% off Cartwheel – here)
+ Sam & Libby Chain Print Loafers – $6 ($30 originally – sale – extra 40% off Cartwheel – here)

Total Spent: $226

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: -$26 = $200 – $226
Total Saved: $468 = $694 (if not on sale…or via Poshmark) – $226
Item Count: 17
Carryover to Next Month: $202.30 = $228.30 – $26

*Means it was marked off my 2015 Wishlist (see that post here)

I’m slowly but surely cleaning out my closet. I have piles of things to take to sell after vacation (though I am still debating whether to put them on Poshmark or not) and got rid of a bunch of things that no longer fit, no longer fit my style, and no longer apply to my lifestyle (sorry college t-shirts). I mentioned it last month, but really thinking about where I want to take my style is really playing into my purchasing decisions. I can’t tell you how many things I tried on this month and took back to the store (hello 8 pairs of black jeans), because they just. didn’t. work. In the past, I may have tried to make them work, but now, I’m making smarter decisions, and I think it is working!

In that regard, I tried to focus on knocking out a few items from my 2015 Wishlist. I snagged the above asterisk items (denotes wishlist item), and I also managed to score this black dress coat in stores, which is another item from the list. You’re going to start seeing a lot more red, blues (specifically navy), blacks, browns, and grays around these parts, so I hope you’re all ready for that!

My only “instant” buy was that gorgeous watercolor dress. I snatched it up after trying it on for my Instagram account (here). I’m specifically planning on wearing it on our cruise, but I am excited to pair it with a motorcycle jacket and tights when I get back and a jean jacket and sandals in the spring!

How did you do this month? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Dabney Smith

    I really love that polka dot dress!!!! Definitely going into my closet soon!!! :)

  • Isn’t it great when all of this budgeting nonnsense actually leads to better decision making? it’s like, if I have to fess up that I bought it, then I better actually like it!

  • Love what you got! The leopard skirt is my favorite. I am with you about trying to make smarter purchases this year. I have a lot of staples I wear all the time, but they don’t fit right, or are worn out. I want to start replacing them with better quality pieces that fit perfectly.

  • Wow you found so many things this month! I hope they’re all working for you and you’re loving all your new goodies!

  • So many great items! I really love that red striped dress from Gap!

  • Sarah H.

    I’m totally picturing the outfits you described with that dress and I love them already.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Love the watercolor dress, and I have the same crane sweater and it’s one of my favorites! :)

  • I am really loving that velvet blazer! I wish I had seen it in store. I really like your perspective on your items… I generally do ok with my purchases, but I want to make 2015 more about following a set list and finding things that are exactly my style – no more impulse buys!