Five for Friday, Vol. 64 – Pop of Poppy


If there is one color I know I’ll be adding to my closet this spring, it’s the gorgeous shade of poppy red. Loft is calling it “tomato red” in their marking, but it is really all the same.

It’s cheery, welcoming, and loud. And it’s also a great way to transition from the dark shades of winter wear into the brighter hues of spring and summer.

And yes, this post is super timely, because I just gave you all two weeks notice to order these items in time to wear on Valentine’s Day! You can thank me later! ;)

  • Red Heart Stud Earrings (these are adorable and add just a touch of quirky to your look!)
  • Mossimo Supply Co. Red Crossbody Flap Purse
  • Loft Seamed Ponte Flippy Skirt (see it on me here on Instagram…I am obsessed with this skirt!)
  • Loft Polka Dot Blouse
  • Merona Long Sleeve Favorite Cardigan (I own this one!)

  • Darn, I knew I should have checked out the Loft with their 50% off sale. I love that blouse. Maybe they will have another sale real soon. Thank you for featuring such great red pieces.

  • That polka dot top is so cute!!