What to Wear: Cruising

So on Monday, I showed you all what I packed for the cruise (or at least similar items), and since I’m the worst blogger in the world…I didn’t take any pictures of what I actually wore on our cruise. Fail, Katie, fail.

But to make up for it…I’m going to show you some mock outfits of what you could mix and match from that packing list (along with a few pictures from our trip…but again, be warned, I didn’t take many pictures period!).

Outfit #1: Boarding the Boat
boardingboatjacket, top, watch, purse, shorts, shoes

This is almost exactly what I wore, except I had on jeans. It was only about 55 degrees in New Orleans when we left, so a jacket was definitely needed. I had my trench coat, but love the versatility of this utility jacket. A jacket is definitely a must have because our cruise ship was very air conditioned and decks get cold (and windy) at night!

We also discovered that there was very few clocks on the ship (and we all didn’t carry our phones, since we didn’t have service at sea), so a watch is a great item to bring with you, so you can make sure you are in the right spot at the right time (no one wants to get left on the dock, right? ;)).

Outfit #2: Drinks on the Deck
drinks on the deck dressy cruise outfittote bagdress, hat, watch, shoes

Hello, booze cruise (just kidding Mom and Dad). The only time I had a drink on the boat was right when we boarded the boat. It’s basically a celebration when you first board and everything still is exciting and new. This was a peach and strawberry side-by-side smoothie (with a shot of rum), and it was perfect! Paired with the groovy carpet on the ship (which is nearly the exact coloring in this J.Crew Factory dress) makes for a pretty colorful afternoon!

Outfit #3: Siteseeing by the Sea
siteseeingseapurse, tee, necklace, skirt, sandals

My favorite times on this vacation were actually the times that we weren’t on the boat. This trip definitely taught us that we are not cruising people (at least at this time in our lives), so don’t expect us to be heading off on endless cruises. I’m definitely one of those people that gets cabin fever and wants to go, go, go, and when you are on a boat, at sea, you definitely can’t just jump ship. That’s usually frowned upon…

We stopped in Cozmuel for our first stop and didn’t have an excursion booked, which turned out to be pretty wonderful. Once we got out of the touristy shopping center and out on the side streets of the city, we got to explore the real culture of the city. We saw local men sitting outside a bakery, so we stopped in for a pastry and some coffee. They told us to check out these beach bars for some excellent margaritas, so we hiked back down to the shore side of the city. We made it to this deserted bar and then it just started to pour down rain! We enjoyed some drinks while we waited out the storm and then hit up a local seafood taco restaurant (way off the beaten path) where we had the most authentic horchata (a cinnamon rice milk drink)! I also may or may not have eaten a whole plate of guacamole and homemade chips too. Super yum!

On our second stop, we had a shore excursion booked to take a group tour to the Chichen Itza ruins, and I’m so glad that we did. The ruins here are Mayan ruins and are super well maintained. This temple and its different structural elements (number of stairs, platforms, etc.) relates to the Mayan calendar and their obsession (and nearly spot on) with tracking time. They apparently use to let tourists climb to the top of this temple, but no longer allow this, since nearly 1.2 million tourists visit this site every year!

carnival towel animals

And yes, I’m easily amused, and these towel animals (and the chocolate squares that always accompanied them) made my nights on the boat! I’m easily homesick for Cooper (our puppy) so it was nice to see a little animal love at the end of the day (even if they aren’t as cuddly). I can’t decide if the pig or the elephant is my favorite!

And that’s about it for my vacation recap here! Is anyone else going on vacation soon? I can’t wait for our next trip (probably June), and I want to live vicariously through you all! :)

  • Kaci

    Sorry to hear that you’re not a cruising person! I like cruising, especially when I’m looking for something relaxing and slow. Since you don’t spend much time in each port, I look at it as a way to sample locales and decide where I’d like to go back to later and spend more time.

  • Cute, cute, and cute. Definitely tempted to pop over to J.Crew Factory and check out that skirt before my own trip… and the fab espadrilles! Love your picks.

    Also, interesting to hear your assessment of cruises. We love all-inclusive resort vacations but just didn’t think we’d be cruise people. I think I don’t even need to test the theory :) How fun to actually get a chance to explore a bit in Cozumel though – with an all-inclusive we do miss out on really getting some local culture/food…