A Kindergartener Bundles Up + Dorothy Perkins Review


What else do you title a post when you’re a 20-something adult wearing a mash of primary colors? It’s apparently so cold out here in the Midwest that I’m just defaulting to the first three colors that I learned in kindergarten. That’s a reasonable reaction, right?

I had hoped to be able to do a full review of this coat and still have it be available for you all to purchase, but it’s no longer available for sale…and that’s because it took one full month for it to reach me in the mail. That’s right, I ordered it on January 11 and received it sometime last week!

It was my first time ordering from Dorothy Perkins. I had been wanting to try it out for sometime, and when I saw Kimberly wearing this coat in one of her posts (here), I knew now (aka a month ago) was the time! The coat seemed like it was well made (it is) and reasonable priced (on sale for like $45, and I found a coupon code for a further discount and free shipping), so it was definitely worth the wait time, and I’m excited to have it now.

They have a lot of on trend items for less (almost like H&M pricing), and I love the below items (hello leopard print bag). They’re currently have a 25% off sale (only full price items, use code DPFW25), but just be aware of the waiting game if you order from Dorothy Perkins.

Have you ever ordered from them? How was your experience?

Post is not sponsored, just wanted to share my experience!


  • On Target item: Impressions by Isotoner Gloves (exact – on clearance!)
  • Hat: Moonshadow, Target (exact – 20% off today only with code DEAL20)
  • Coat: Dorothy Perkins (sold out; similar options below)
  • Purse: Cambridge Satchel (via Poshmark; exact)
  • Jeans: Denizen, Target (exact – on sale this week!)
  • Ankle Boots: Loft (Fall 2014; similar)

  • Kaci

    Puppy! I appreciate the Dorothy Perkins review – I’ve come close to buying from them before, but haven’t actually pulled the trigger.

  • I’ve ordered from Dorothy Perkins once and loved what I received, but ended up not returning what didn’t work for me because return shipping was so high. The shipping isn’t usually that slow. Last time I ordered it took a week. There’s an issue with union dock workers right now and they’re very backed up. They’re not allowed to work OT or weekends right now, so they’re staying backed up and overseas packages aren’t getting delivered.

  • I ordered from Dorothy Perkins once, and I had the same experience. Cute items, but it took FOREVER to arrive (also about a month). I ended up not liking one of the items, but, as Meghan pointed out, the return shipping was way too pricey, so I ended up having to sell it on Poshmark. Not ideal!

  • Love this especially your adorable co-star!



    A Peck on the Chic

  • Awww, I like the primary colors here – you’re injecting a little sunshine into the cold winter :)