10 Things Tuesday (2.17.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. I already own a million of the tees from Target, but the yellow stripe version is calling my name!
  2. Blogger love of the week: I generally dislike pink, but I love this outfit on Kendi (and I have her skirt)!
  3. This lollipop top from Ann Taylor is sophisticated AND sugarly sweet!
  4. 32 kids who are just too darn picky. Most of these are hilarious…but I was a super picky kid too. So, I get it kids…and I wonder if The Husband will make me a “teddy bear picnic” tonight?
  5. Reason #131 that Taylor Swift is the coolest. Girl crush doesn’t even cover my obsession with her, folks!
  6. This clutch is cheeky and spot on with 90% of my life.
  7. Have you guys seen this mom? She let her toddler son dress her for a week and his outfit commentary is adorably hilarious!
  8. Nautical and classic and stripes and perfection in a tote purse.
  9. I can think of few things cuter than an elderly Australian man knitting sweaters for injured penguins. I dare you to think of one.
  10. Old Navy, I love your graphic tees (the flaming tulip one is my fav), and now I will try to work in the phrase, “flaming tulip” into an everyday conversation.


  • That dress is so so cute on you!!

  • Love your ankle boots! Thanks for the H&M link. I think I’ll get a pair. :)

  • Love this stripe on stripe action! Also the toddler styling and the picky eaters. And an adorable old man and even more adorable penguin sweaters?! Thanks for the entertaining links :)

  • oh how i love this dress! thanks for the inspiration of pairing it with a scarf- i hadn’t gotten there yet!

  • This dress is so awesome, Katie! I love a good fit and flare dress, and one with sleeves AND stripes is even better! :)