The Perfect Shirt


Oh “The Perfect Shirt”? Yeah, right, Ann Taylor. I’ll order it from one of your flash sales, but I doubt it’s perfect, and I doubt I’ll be keeping it.

Oh wait, it is perfect. No button gaping. No see through material (at least on this one). No bunching or gathering or wrinkles (the same cannot be said for this sweater). Long length (you know, so you can actually tuck it in for work). And it comes in stripes and so many colors? Sold and sold.

Sorry I doubted you, Ann. It’ll never happen again! Insert kissing face emoji here.

ps. Does anyone have a plain white button down shirt that you love and would recommend? I can never find one that fits the above criteria…and isn’t see through.


  • I nearly bought one from The Limited.. but I didn’t because I already have two white button ups. One of them is too big (from Banana) but the other is pretty good (Eddie Bauer).

  • Do not doubt the power that is Ann Taylor. I have a handful of pieces that are work wear from Ann Taylor and they’re my favorites. I probably need to suck it up and start saving for more pieces.

  • Anna Naples

    Brooks Brothers. I love tailored (pink labels). I have worn their shirts for years and years. No wrinkles, always classy. Worth the extra money and/or saving up.