Five for Friday, Vol. 67 – Navy and Striped and Just Right!


True life: I’m a navy addict, especially when it involves navy and white and stripes. I actually just gone with completing an order from Gap that involved four items that were all either navy or striped. At least I know what I like, huh?

This year, I’m really working on focusing my “styling/shopping energy” (just a phrase I made up, y’all) on defining my style and trying to create a very mixable closet/wardrobe. I’m sure you all have noticed that a lot of my outfits in 2015 have incorporated a lot of navy, other blues, reds, blacks, whites, grays, and browns (with noticeable pops of yellow). Well, it’s probably going to continue that way, so hopefully that’s okay with you (unless you hate navy, then you might want to just leave this blog now).

So who’s jumping on the navy bandwagon with me? Not the Navy bandwagon, because that’s completely different (but still totally great), and I only root for Indiana University! ;)

Check them out!

  • Joules Navy and White Stripe Rain Boots (they come in ankle boot version too – here)
  • Merona Navy and White Stripe Tote Purse
  • Merona Navy Mini Satchel Purse (I might be getting this one…to go with my yellow one!)
  • Merona Navy Short Trench Jacket
  • Mossimo Supply Co. Navy Baseball Hat

  • Dabney Smith

    I love that navy stripe tote purse!! Unfortunately it’s sold out online and in all the stores close to me!! :(

  • Joules rain boots have my heart. I cannot seem to save my pennies long enough to bring them home though.