On Trend: Shades of Citrus


It certainly doesn’t feel like it outside, but guys….spring is coming! I promise.

I only know this and can only believe in this (whoa is me), because of all the sunny and bright shades that are hitting retail stores right now. Yellows are back, along with oranges, corals, lime greens, and your basic pastels (but we’ll get to them in a later On Trend post, I’m sure).

The bright pops of color are normally reserved for summer time and all that sun. But with these citrus shades sneaking into the stores now, you can grab these now and work them slowly into your winter darks while we ease our way out of this icicle state into springtime. They’re fresh and ripe for the picking!

ps. Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother (my Schmom)! I hope you have an awesome day of doing whatever you want for your birthday! ;) She’s more of a lemon shakeup kind of gal, so let’s toast to her with that, m’kay?

  1. Merona Elbow Sleeve Tee (this color is whipped papaya…fancy!)
  2. Merona Lemon Yellow Satchel Purse
  3. Merona Grapefruit Print Scarf
  4. Journee Collection Colorful Stripe Flats
  5. Merona Orange and White Stripe Cardigan (comes in navy and white too!)
  6. Merona Orange Reversible Tote Purse (comes in multiple other shades!)
  7. Merona Lime Ombre Scarf (doesn’t this look like lemon-lime sherbert?)
  8. Merona Coral Embroidered Belt