Red-dy and Striped


Yes, I’m obsessed with mixing red and blue, but I heard it is one of the forecasted trendy color combinations for Fall 2015, so I’m jumping on that “trend” and riding it until, well, Fall 2015, at least!

I’m a firm believer that this outfit would look better with bare legs and maybe some tan heeled sandals, but we’re working with Mother Nature here…so enjoy those navy legs, will ya?

And get out of here, snow, you’re no longer welcome here!


  • Personally I LOVE this with the navy. I feel like it would need to be minus the blazer for the bare legs and cognac brown sandals to work. This is so fresh to me. Do you realize the only black in this outfit is your purse? The navy and red all over it awesome.

    • The purse is actually a dark dark navy, but it definitely does look a little blackish in these photos. Boo. And thanks for the Team Tights support! ;)

  • Kaci

    I do like it with the navy tights, though! But the snow needs to go away – this winter has felt too long.

    • Agreeeeeeeeed. Bye bye winter (just kidding, it is sticking around forrrrrevvvvvveeeeer…said like the kid from Sandlot).

  • Sarah H.

    You’re SO on top of the trends :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Tami Lee

    I have a dress exactly like that I bought on clearance this summer from Target. I have been looking for tights to match, but our Target doesn’t carry plus size tights in many colors. I’ll need to keep looking. I love the purse!

    • Yes! Target did have that one, and I loved it too. Twins! ;)

      You’re right about the tight situation, which is a major letdown and frustrating. I just went through the tights online and nothing in navy (or really any color) in plus size. If I see anything pop up (I think they are cleaning out the tight section right now), I will definitely try to alert you!

  • Totally loving that dress! I am actually planning on wearing a red/navy/cognac outfit tomorrow, and I have to say, I thought of you when I was putting it together–it’s your signature color palette ;)

    • Ahhhhhh! Best compliment of the week! Thanks Caroline! Can’t wait to see your blue and red! ;)

  • This outfit is killer!

  • What a fun outfit, Katie! I love the red and navy together – and the cognac belt and boots are a great complement to the outfit :) This is inspiring me to wear my navy blazer again!