What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 68 – Academic Florals

Academic Florals

I’m dying over here guys.

I’m at that very pivotal breaking point where I’m more than willing to trade in my tights for my razor and get back to skirts without hosiery.

So I made my weekly What I Wish I Wore post around that very bold and dramatic statement. Skirt, no tights, and perforated ballet flats. Because you can’t wear this* (no matter how much you want to) in the Midwest currently.

I love the subtle detail on the cardigan (navy forever), and how the t-shirt really ties everything together. C’mon spring, you can do it! Get your butt over here!

*You could, but you would freeze and we couldn’t be lifelong friends then.

Items from the Look:

  • I was just complaining about having to wear tights the other day–definitely one of my least favorite clothing items. This look is cheering up though! That floral tee is so cute!

    • I get so excited about tights in the fall, but I tell myself to not rush into them too quickly, because it’s inevitable that I will end up hating them in February. #circleoflife? Hahaha.