February 2015 Budget

Let’s just say, it is a good thing February is a short month with limited days to shop in…otherwise, I may have spent WAY more money. I thought there were pretty great deals this month (mainly because stores are clearing out winter styles to make room for spring)!

Check out February’s budget below to see the damage:


February 2015 Budget
+ H&M Bug Print Shirt – $15 ($20 originally – 25% sale – here)
+ Merona Black/White Stripe Tee – $9 ($12 originally – 25% off Cartwheel – here)
+ Talbots Leopard Print Purse – $35 ($139 originally – sale price – extra 60% off sale – sold out online, but super similar here…for even less!)
+ Land’s End Stripe Chino Shorts – $26 ($49 originally – stackable coupon deal – here)
+ Merona Blue/White Stripe Tee – $9 ($12 originally – 25% off Cartwheel – here)
+ Merona White Espadrille Flats – $20 ($25 originally – online sale – here)
+ Merona Black/White Striped Crossbody Purse – $20 ($27 originally – online sale – here)
+ J.Crew Factory Ampersand Sweater – $35 ($79 originally – sale price – extra % off – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Merona Plaid Crossbody Purse via Poshmark – $10 ($25 originally)

Total Spent: $179

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$21 = $200 – $179
Total Saved: $209 = $388 (if not on sale…or via Poshmark) – $179
Item Count: 9
Carryover to Next Month: $223 = $202 + $21

*Means it was marked off my 2015 Wishlist (see that post here) – nothing this month though!

If you’re in need of striped tees, I can’t recommend the above ones more than I already do. They come out with new color combos each season (they also come in solids – here), so it’s fun to grab a new one (or two or three or four). Last season, for some unknown reason, Target made them shorter, and I hated it (so did a lot of other comment leavers online). They’re back to being longer this season, so yay for Target and listening to their customers!

I’m really in love with everything I got this month, but it was a struggle to get to this point…

I placed a big order to Land’s End, because I really like the two old pairs of shorts that I have from them…and who can resist this blue/white stripe combo? I tried this skirt (way too poufy – is that a technical style term?), these ballet flats (not red at all, but more coral), and a navy vest (too large and masculine). I really wanted all the items to work (because they looked so cute online), but alas, it was a big fail besides those striped shorts. At least the shipping was free (coupon code searching pays off), and you can make returns into Sears stores that carry Land’s End merchandise, so that was nice.

I failed at procuring anything from my 2015 Wishlist this month, so hopefully I can find some items in March!

How did you do this month? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Kaci

    It’s too bad that Land’s End skirt was too poofy. It’s very cute!

    • Right? On screen, it looked perfect! Maybe it will look cute on someone else! To each their own poof? ;)

  • That bug print shirt is SO cute!

    • I know! Quirky and cute and fun! I love the color mix too! I can’t wait til it gets a bit warmer to bust it out!

  • I am so glad to hear that the striped tees are back to a good length–I tried some of them when they were shorter, and they looked terrible! Bummer about the Lands’ End order. I’ve been eyeing a couple of their items lately, but it sounds like maybe their sizing is not so great.

    • Completely agree on the prior season (shorter) tees! Maybe a Lands End order will work out better for you?!

  • Invincible Summer

    I also had to comment on the bug print shirt – it is adorable!

  • OMG the bug print shirt WANT!

  • I got a couple of those Target tees this month too! I love when they go on sale. And I’m eying those espadrilles… they don’t have them in my size online but I’m hoping I can find them in-store!

  • Those chino shorts are perfection. I can see you getting a lot of wear out of them when (if?) the weather finally heats up.

  • I love the purse and the Factory sweater too. Great finds- and really you didn’t spend THAT much. ;)

  • Jessa

    The bug print blouse from H&M is fantastic. I adore how their blouses are perfectly slouchy. I’ve got a few in constant roto myself. Cheers!

  • Dabney Smith

    On your recommendation I got the striped tees, and I’ve got to say…. I’m obsessed!!! They are seriously flattering, and super comfortable!! I love them!!! The yellow one may soon be in my closet, too!!!