Five for Friday, Vol. 68 – Breath of Spring Air


If you couldn’t tell from Wednesday’s post, I’ve reached my breaking point with winter.

Down with winter.

So in my mind (not in my actual day-to-day wear), I’m moving onto spring shades (the colors AND the sunglasses), bare legs, and light jackets. Won’t you join me in dreaming of picnics, riding in the car with the windows down, and sipping coffee on my porch swing?

Check out my dreamy spring picks…and expect to see me wearing most of these in the near future!

  • Mossimo Jeweled Sandals (neeeeeeed)
  • Merona Navy and Pink Striped Sweater (I’ll do this only because the pink is countered by the navy!)
  • Old Navy Canvas Field Jacket (another great J.Crew dupe…Old Navy has been on fire lately)
  • Mossimo Mint Crossbody Purse (perfect shade for spring!)
  • Merona Gold Espadrille Heels (also comes in black)