What’s In My Bag?

I secretly (not-so-secretly) love reading what’s in other people’s bags, and my lovely new friend, Brooke, asked me a couple of weeks ago to showcase what is in my bag, so I’d thought I would share it here with you all!


You know, just in case you were secretly wondering how much I much I can cram into an average sized crossbody purse! ;)

  • Merona Striped Crossbody Purse (exact): This lovely little striped purse is back in stock, and it is the perfect size for carrying all my stuff! I prefer a crossbody purse to any other type of bag, and 98% of that preference is because I’m always trying to carry 8 million other things. Crossbodies for the win!
  • Pom Pom Beanie (similar): Girl’s gotta keep her ears warm and her hair dry, right?
  • Gloves (exact): Hashtag, winter?!
  • Sunglasses (exact): I wanted white sunglasses, and I love the cateye shape and the gold accents on these! And they’re 1/2 off!
  • Notebook (exact): Moleskins are a staple for a reason, and I have to have somewhere to jot down outfit ideas or blog post ideas (or you know, grocery lists).
  • Pens (exact): Sharpie pens are my favorite, but for a regular business pen, I love these Pilot G2 pens. My dad actually loves them too (he has good taste). I’ve “borrowed” one or two of them from him in the past (sorry Dad!), because that’s how great they are.
  • Wallet (exact): I’m actually on the search for a new wallet (more to come on Sunday), but this one has done the job for quite some time. I love how small and thin it is. I’m also known for hoarding receipts, and they all can’t fit into this bad boy, so it limits my hoarding. Plus, I love that stupid saying!
  • iPhone: No description is necessary…just one word: addicted.
  • EOS Hand Lotion (exact):
  • Chapstick (exact): This is the BEST chapstick ever. I actually have one in my desk at work, one on my bathroom counter, one in my car, and one in my purse. This color is Cherry Me, and it is the perfect cherry red tint of color.
  • Business cards: Me = blog nerd.
  • Mints (exact): Aka the best mints in the world, and I am rarely seen without these!

What do you carry in your purse? I’m so curious to know!

  • Alison @ Peacoat Diaries

    I love this kind stuff, too — daily routines. what’s in your purse, what’s in your medicine cabinet (the beauty stuff, not the embarrassing stuff!). You fit a lot in your crossbody, I’m impressed!

    I like to have a little package of wipes — baby wipes, or something like the Say Yes to Carrots hand/face wipes — in case I touch something disgusting (NYC girl). And a tube of my favorite eyeliner — you never know when you might need a touch up.

  • I love these posts too! And I love little pouches – yours are cute. I carry a giant tote which normally has a few toddler things in it but also about 4 pairs of gloves and hats if I start digging. Come on, spring! Lighten my load…

  • I love these kinds of posts! Other people’s lives are so interesting! haha. You fit way more in that little crossbody than I ever could, and every item is so cute or chic!

  • My husband LOVES those G2 pens too. I bought him some for his Christmas stocking because he likes them that much. And I refuse to buy pens normally because we have so many free ones floating around the house!

  • Rebecca

    Is the chapstick from Victoria’s Sec….?! Oh…no…nvm.