On Trend: Patterned Wallets

pattern play wallets

How often does a girl need to replace her wallet? I’ve currently been using my “Sorry Not Sorry” one from Target (still available and on clearance!), and The Husband HATES it. It’s pink. It’s snarky. And it’s apparently embarrassing? I think I first got it last summer (ps. that seems foooorrreeever ago), but I know I’ve probably tortured him long enough with it.

So of course that led to a wallet search, which lead to this blog post. How cute are all the various printed wallets that Target has right now? Perfect for adding a little color and playfulness to your life (and purse)!

Just don’t let The Husband know that his “favorite” wallet’s time is coming to a close, though. I’m sure I have a few more outings to annoy him with. ;)

  1. Merona Navy and White Gingham Wallet (I have my eye on this one!)
  2. Merona Orange Bird Print Wallet
  3. Merona Black and White Stripe Wallet
  4. Merona Colorful Swirl Print Wallet
  5. Merona Light Blue Croquet Mallet Print Wallet
  6. Mossimo Colorful Plaid Wallet
  7. Merona Light Blue Ladybug Print Wallet
  8. Merona Lemon Print Cell Phone Case/Wallet

  • Gah, these are way too cute. I always get my wallets from Target and must admit I am sometimes slightly disappointed that they actually hold up quite well for how inexpensive they are… because every time they come out with a new batch I wish I had an excuse of a falling apart wallet to get a new one. Might just have to go for one of these anyway – my current one is a gray marbled print which is cool but spring calls for something happy!

  • Ahhh, #1 is adorable!! Too bad I just replaced mine a year ago and it shows no signs of wearing out (which I guess is also a good thing).

  • Rebecca

    The lemons! <3

  • So many cute options! The plaid one has been on my wishlist for a while now–love it!