Counting on Crystals


Hey all! I had a fabulous weekend full of fantastic food, baby cuddles, day drinking, and one too many delicious desserts. Did anyone else celebrate Pi Day on Saturday? I had planned to have pie, but delicious raspberry champagne cake won out, so I substituted in a pizza pie in the 9th hour. Here’s to counting down the days until the next weekend (because weekends are great, duh)!

But speaking of counting down the days, you only have a few more days to nab your first Rocksbox box for free (good for one more week)! Check out my full review here, but this beautiful crystal dazzler came in my second box, so I had to showcase it here for you on the blog! I actually can’t stop working it into every other outfit, so expect to see it here often. My third box is on the way, so I can’t wait to showcase more!

Who else is counting down until the weekend? Or until your next Rocksbox arrives?! ;)


  • Those heels are gorgeous. They really elevate the look (terrible pun totally intended :P)

  • Livforstyle

    Nothing looks better with an orange skirt than a denim jacket. Love the look!