Unexpected Mixes


You know when two things just go together?

Like peanut butter and…chocolate. Or stripes and…ikat?

So those weren’t quite what you were expecting right? But apparently in this case they both taste and look delicious (respectfully, don’t try eating my blazer). The whites and the grays in the dress and blazer are the exact same shades of the color, and the stripes are small enough not to overwhelm the bold (and bigger) ikat print.

So grab a Reese’s (get the Easter eggs shapes during this time of year) and some patterns, and let’s get mixing!


  • This 100% works. I love it together. The necklace is the perfect piece with these two items also.

  • Kaci

    Great pattern combination! I would definitely have never thought of that.

  • LOVE this outfit! That dress is so vibrant and gorgeous! Serious It Girl look with the shades and all :)

  • Jessica

    That dress is amazing :)

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries