Bare Legs


I’m beyond pumped about spring that I have decided to throw all my tights into the dresser drawer that they belong in.

Goodbye, added layer that I no longer think I need.

Hello, razor and lotion that hasn’t seen the light of day since fall (TMI, I realize).

It’s funny how 40-degree weather in October makes you want to bust out your tights early, but 40-degree weather in March makes you want to bare those gams.

Anyone else with me on this one?


  • Kaci

    I was so excited about not wearing tights this week…then it got cold again. :( Back into the tights drawer I went.

  • Meresu

    Yes! My feelings with 73′ on Monday and then woke up to snow today! Colorado Springs weather is craziest during the spring. But I never put away my winter clothes because the very first year we lived here we had a blizzard on May 15th, ugh!

  • Woooo bare legs. (I’m still finding an embarrassing number of stray long hairs around my ankles and knees… whoops, let that go a bit over the winter!)

  • I’m totally with you–once it starts to get above freezing I start thinking about spring. And 50s and above, woo boy I’m ready to bare my (super white) legs to the world.
    I just found your blog thanks to Anne’s list of all the blogs she loves, and I’m so glad I did! You have great style and I can’t wait to read more! Plus Target = awesome, in my world.

  • Rebecca

    Yessss, this! Although I’m not swearing off tights yet, I am open to going without finally.