On Trend: Quirky Purses


So I scored a little lemon purse from the girl’s section of Target on Thursday, and I’m working on making it into a wristlet (a DIY project to be featured on the blog in the next week or so….stay tuned)! But it got me thinking about how I wish more people carried around quirky little purses…or really, how I wish we all just carried around quirky little purses that reflected our personality/likes.

That’s weird right? But how great would it be for conversation starters (apple purse = what’s your favorite type of apple) and making new friends (coffee cup purse = let’s meet up for a coffee chat sometime)?

I’m onto something here…but while I’m working through it, check out these adorable quirky purses (none of them are from Target, by the way)!

  1. ModCloth Peach Purse
  2. Nasty Gal Domino Clutch
  3. Asos Strawberry Clutch
  4. ModCloth Pencil Purse
  5. ModCloth Grapefruit Purse
  6. ModCloth Popcorn Purse
  7. ModCloth Apple Purse
  8. Asos Ice Cream Purse

  • These are ADORABLE!! I love that strawberry clutch!