10 Things Tuesday (3.31.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. I’m gonna start off real with you guys. I’ve been really ashamed of my state this past week. If you haven’t heard, our state legislature passed a not-so-nice bill that pretty much sets us back 100 years. To me, Indiana is a place that is known for Hoosier hospitality, and we’ve not stood for that in the last week. But instead of boycotting Indiana and making a negative, even more negative, I love what this campaign is doing.
  2. On a much lighter note is the rest of the 10 Things! Pearls are probably my favorite gemstones (Can they even be called that? Mom? Anyone else?), and this necklace is gorgeous.
  3. Blogger love of the week: I loved how fresh and spring-like that Caroline looked in this outfit! Further confirmation that I need a light wash denim jacket!
  4. Espadrilles are a big trend right now, but I guarantee you won’t find a funnier pair than these guys! Too cute, and I can’t stop laughing at them! And this other pair features one of my favorite sayings…
  5. Please tell me you guys have seen this: every Tom Hanks movie in 7 minutes. One of my coworkers and I were just talking about how much we love Tom Hanks!
  6. My cousin sent me this image in a text this week. Perfectly timed for Easter and perfectly timed for my life. #givemealltheCadburyeggs
  7. These leopard sandals look so chic…and are on their way to me right MEOW. (Puns are great, right?)
  8. If you’re interest in a new style challenge, my fellow Indy style blogger, Sarah, is featuring one on her blog for the month of April. I can’t decide if I am going to join in or not, but my red skirt from Loft would definitely be in my Top 10. What would be in yours?
  9. This midi skirt is gorgeous! Has anyone ordered from this company? Any reviews?
  10. I ordered these kitten heels this weekend (even though they’re a bit more than I normally pay for shoes), because I feel like they were made specifically for me. Shorter heel, red, blue, and plaid? Yes, please!


  • On Target item: Mossimo Ultrasoft Sweater (similar)
  • Lip Color: Revlon (exact)
  • Necklace: c/o Rocksbox (get your own subscription here, and use code “styleontargetxoxo” for one month free!)
  • Purse: DKNY (thrifted; similar)
  • Skirt: Loft (exact – if you are on the fence about this skirt, BUY IT…I’m obsessed with mine!)
  • Heels: Merona, Target (exact)

  • I love this! Great picks! I want to do Sarah’s style challenge really bad, we’ll see if I’m motivated enough. Great post, per usual!


    A Peck on the Chic

  • Kaci

    Thank you for posting the Open for Service link!

  • Thanks for the shout-out! I got my denim jacket at Target on clearance several months ago. If Mossimo comes out with another version this year, I highly recommend!
    I just bought this exact skirt during Loft’s flash sale this weekend. Saving this post for future outfit inspiration!

  • I have and am also utterly obsessed with that skirt. I hadn’t thought to pair it with a colored statement necklace yet – thanks for the inspiration!

  • So cute, it makes your waist extra tiny! And yeah that Tom Hanks skit was amazing – if you love him, highly recommend listening to the two times he was on the Nerdist podcast!