Focus On What You Love


Inspired by this adorable Kate Spade iPhone case that I just HAD TO HAVE (it says “focus on what you love” on the lens part!) from my trip to the Louisville outlets, here is a list of some of the things I love (people excluded, even though I love some of them too!).

And after getting done reading my super cool list, you should leave some of your favorite things in the comments, so I can learn more about YOU! :)

Here we go! Target shopping trips, coffee, bikes, brunch, spring weather, my new J.Crew field jacket (on super sale now – use code SPRINGSTYLE), s’mores, polka dots, going on walks with The Husband, diet lemonade from Chick-fil-a, the color blue, breakfast for dinner, stripes, outlet malls, Instagram, good books, vacations, and traveling.

Oh and who could forget this face (Cooper!)…


Now it’s your turn!


  • I’m with you on blue, good books, traveling, and vacations. Especially when I can mix all 4! =)

    • Oooooooo. You’re definitely onto something here…that’s like perfection right there! :) Thanks for sharing, Diana!

  • Kate Spade makes the best phone cases. Period. Especially the two piece ones. I’ve dropped both my 4s and 5s what feels like 100 times each and they survived every drop.
    And I always try to focus on what I love. The list just gets super long! lol.

    • That is so so so good to hear, Meghan! This one is a two-piece one (which super confused me at first), and I drop my phone a TON!

      • Yes! the two pieces with the rubber and the plastic? It’s just enough lip to shield the screen when I throw it on the concrete (sometimes on accident, sometimes purposefully) and it’s still slim enough that it doesn’t add a ton of bulk to the phone. It’s a great design for a case really.

  • Florentina Scusi

    Such a lovely look! Great dress!

  • Mattie Roush

    I love Target’s spend $75 get 25% off but I’m not loving that I’m at $70…trying to scour for a $5ish item that I actually want!

    • I hate when that happens! Specifically with free shipping price quotas! Socks, necklace, bracelet, earrings?!

  • Katy B

    In no particular order: growing veggies in my back yard, all the coffee, anything the color yellow, and my adorable puppy (

    • Katy! Clover is precious! I’d hang out with Clover and drink coffee with you all day! I’m trying my hand at growing tulips this year (planted my bulbs in October), but I murder all the plants, so fingers crossed for me, okay?! Thanks for sharing!

  • You are just as cute as that phone case! Love the stripes + floral + pop of blue. So pretty together.

    I also love: ice cream, the beach, a good book, monster nap-taking by my toddler. And the J.Crew field jacket I’m wearing right this very minute :) Looking forward to seeing yours styled up!

  • I agree with Anne–this combination of stripes + floral is really lovely! As for things I love…my dogs Margot + Dexter (duh), peanut butter, and I’m with you on outlet malls and Instagram :)

  • Anna

    Target, green tea with mint, my Audrey Brooke riding boots, napping by the ocean, pizza, exploring new cities… I could go on, but I’ll leave it there. And I have to agree with breakfast for dinner – yum!!

    Love your outfit today! The pops of blue are awesome!

  • Betsy

    I love anything striped also but especially that dress. Is it still available? The one you’re wearing has 3/4 sleeves (which I love) but the two you reference do not. I love spending time with my family (especially the grandkids), shopping, dining out, travel, early mornings with my coffee and tablet (reading my blogs)…

  • Your outfit is soooo cute! I love the dress, shoes, scarf–everything! :)
    I also love: shopping (duh!), rings, taking pictures, purple everything, classic rock, and fun drinks (juice, coffee, etc.) while I’m working! :)

  • Super stoked I found your blog since I am a Target loving freak lol. Seriously, I think Target takes up about 50% of my closet. And according to your “about me” you also love Taylor Swift, brunch & coffee, so we’re pretty much meant to be friends. :o) I’m Rachel, nice to meet ya! I’ll be following along now!

    (p.s. I wanna pin this outfit but I don’t see a “pin it” option! :( ) | Austin Style Blog

  • Oh my gosh, I’m still so bummed I missed out on this dress! I so want Target to make another version of it!!