Love Letter to My Red Loft Skirt


First of all, thank you to everyone who shared some things that they loved as a result of yesterday’s post. It was so fun to read everyone’s lists, and it was also just really nice to have a bit of positivity on a Wednesday, so thank you! :)

Secondly, enjoy this love letter to my red Loft skirt…and they say romance is dead!

Dearest Loft,

Thank you for making this skirt. I wear it at least once a week, and it goes with everything (but especially with black), and I want you to make more of them in different colors/patterns. I promise to buy them all. Unless the color is pink…or purple.



  • I love the stripes duo here. Very cute! I write little love notes to my pieces of clothing all the time. I’ll look at myself in the mirror with them on and tell them how much I love them too.

  • Completely agree with the sentiment of this post! I have the same skirt…and yes, I blogged a look featuring it with some stripes. This skirt + stripes = match made in heaven.

  • Gah, this is way too cute. Your shoes! And yes, Loft should make this again so I can get one…

  • I bought this red skirt on your first recommendation and will wear for the first time this week to work. Hope I can write a similar love letter afterward. You wear it well, my friend.