Lips Are Movin’


Does anyone else get that Meghan Trainor song stuck in their head constantly on a Sunday night while trying to think of something clever to write for their Monday blog post?

Yeeaaaah. Me neither. ;)

But if you haven’t listened to her album yet (I almost said CD, but no one buys those anymore…unless it’s me and Taylor Swift albums), you really should. Catchy and fun and extremely good for house/condo/apartment dancing. Thank me later!


  • Sarah

    Is that pink I see? ;) Love it paired with the navy!

  • I immediately had the song in my head when I read the title of your blog post. I love her so much. I want her to be my best friend and then we could start a club like the Ashleys off Recess and we could be the Meghans (like that bizarro world school where the clique was Meghans). No one else watched Recess? Just me? Oh well.

  • Paige Freund

    Super cute outfit!

  • I want to love Meghan Trainor, because her songs are so darn catchy, but then there’s always one line in her songs that make you pause and go uhhh… did she just say that? And then I can’t love her as much as I want to. But yes, still get her music in my head.
    And that outfit is cute… I always have so much trouble finding the right shoes to go with my navy…

  • Oh no, now I have that song in my head!!! I like it though, so I’m not mad at you :) Love this scarf, it’s so fun with that classic dress.

  • Jessica

    That scarf is beyond cute :)

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  • Marly Gaitan

    I love how you made this scarf pop with your outfit! I love Target as much as you do to! I follow you on instagram and love all your post. I would love it if you checked out my blog and see some of my Target Faves.