DIY: Lemon Slice Wristlet

Another DIY post coming at you here on Style On Target!

Fruit prints and shapes have been a huge trend for several spring and summer seasons (remember pineapples last year), and they’re back again this year (see this post)!

I saw this adorable lemon slice purse (here – only $10!) in the girls’ department of Target and thought it was THE CUTEST, but sadly, it was so kiddie and small that I didn’t think it would be worth it. However, when life gives you lemon purses, you turn them into lemon wristlets (that’s the common expression, right?)!

So I grabbed some pliers and got to it! This took about 5 minutes, tops, so you can definitely do it in plenty of time for those summer nights!


Step 1: Gather your supplies: purse and a pair (or two) of pliers (similar here).

Step 2: Twist open the last jump ring (the one that connects the chain strap to the ring on the purse) and remove it. Be sure to save it for a later step!

Step 3: Remove the jump ring  from both the opposite of the chain so that you just have the leather strip.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side. Keep one jump ring and the leather strap.

Step 5: Connect the jump ring and the leather strap to one side of the purse.

Step 6: Hooray! A DIY from kid’s purse to adult wristlet!

Let me know if you end up doing something similar at home! I’d love to see it! And catch some other lemon-pieces at Target (here)!

  • This is super cute!

  • Kaci

    Love this!