What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 74 – Peach Tomboy

Peach Tomboy

Inspiration from this outfit is brought to you by a childhood of never wanting to wear skirts and dresses. Which is hilarious to me now, because that’s the majority of what I wear when I’m not wearing jeans.

And guess what? You can’t wear jeans every single day.*

So sometimes, you just have to tomboy it up, even when you’re wearing a skirt.

Stay true to yourself, peeps! On that note, this shade is salmon/peach/guava, and definitely not pink. ;)

*Unless you work for yourself and only attend casual weddings (bravo, you make the rules)!

Items from the Look:

  • So I can wear jeans ALMOST every day, but I just ordered this skirt while they were having the 50% off everything sale :) I hope it fits, because it’s fab! Love your styling of it… yet another great use for my field jacket too.

  • Paige Freund

    Great outfit! Love love love!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Love the bag, skirt and hoodie!!

  • I wanted that skirt from the moment I saw it, but my size sold out before it got to a reasonable price. Wahn wahn. Seriously tempted by that sweatshirt. I just can’t get enough of fancy sweatshirts.