Bedrock Blues


Someone help me out here. The pattern on this skirt is called “bedrock.” I don’t even know what that means! Check out other items (beyond this skirt) in this print here.

I have to admit that I didn’t love the print initially, but then I tried on the skirt one day during my lunch break. Game changer. The skirt is the perfect length for me (without having to order tall sizing), and it has pockets! Pockets, you guys! Plus, it is navy and white, so I figured it would work with the majority of my closet.

But I wanted to wait until it went on sale (because Loft ALWAYS has sales), so I didn’t buy it during my lunch break (such willpower, I know). Well, the next day, Loft had a flash sale, which is my kryptonite. This skirt ended being $18 (after being $70 originally)!

Booyah. Win for Katie!

But I guess I still don’t know what bedrock means, so we’ll call it a draw, m’kay, Loft?


  • Sarah

    The skirt fits you perfectly, and I love the blue on blue!

  • Dabney Smith

    I seriously love that skirt!! Perfect colors, and pockets?!?!?! Couldn’t ask for more!!!

  • bedrock makes me think of the flinstones! i think it’s where they lived :) either way, awesome skirt and awesome deal!

  • LOFT sales with free shipping are my kryptonite. I got the first part of my order in and if I love everything else as much as I love my first piece… well… I’ll have blown through my monthly budget in the first week of the month. Whoops. Anyway, you look great in this outfit :)

  • I love this look!! That skirt is awesome! (But I agree, still don’t know what Bedrock means!)

  • Loft flash sales are also my kryptonite–I can’t resist! I bought the windowpane circle skirt finally during the last one (and it was also only $18!). I’ve actually bought a lot from Loft this month, so I have a review post coming up.

  • That blue (sweater) on blue (skirt) on blue (pumps) is fabulous. Love the double blue necklace, too.

  • I don’t know what it is, but I love it! Also the combo with this sweater color – I need to get my cobalt sweater back out, that reminds me…

  • I have to say I’ve never heard of “bedrock print” either–it makes me think of the Flinstones, which this looks nothing like. Whatever it’s called though, I love the skirt–perfect length, and total win on the pockets!

  • don’t you just love those sales? they make me feel like i’m getting such a good deal just because I had patience for like 4 seconds until they announce a new sale. you know im not complaining ;)

  • Love that skirt! I’ve had it in my cart for a while, you’ve inspired me to pull the trigger!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Very nice ensemble! Great necklace!