10 Things Tuesday (4.14.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. Must resist this bucket bag purse, but it is so chic looking…I don’t know if I can!
  2. Blogger love of the week: If you guys don’t follow Kimberly, you’re really missing out on some great budget style…specifically these looks. I had just purchased this navy dress and couldn’t wait to wear it how Kimberly did…so I did (already)! So chic!
  3. I wore this look to Sarah’s summer destination fashion show at Macy’s, which was so fun. I already have ordered this skirt from one of the looks that went down the runway. So fun and flirty (it was from the Paris destination collection)!
  4. If Instagram existed in the 90s…hilarious and ridiculous spot on!
  5. I want to become best friends with the person that completed this study on Reese’s and their chocolate to peanut butter ratio. I KNEW eggs and hearts were the best shapes. Christmas trees ain’t got nothing on them!
  6. I have plenty of striped shoes, but if you don’t, these are my new favorite affordable option!
  7. Love Dove, love their real beauty campaigns. I hope you all know to walk through the beautiful door, because you are! (Hugs)
  8. The nautical vibes are beyond strong on this tank. Perfect for spring and summer!
  9. Stop what you’re doing and watch Anne Hathaway’s “Wrecking Ball” performance. I know a lot of people are hit or miss with Anne, but I ADORE her, and this is perfectly hilarious!
  10. I’ve been looking for more graphic tees to wear this summer with skirts and shorts, and I can’t decide which one of these four to order…any advice?


  • On Target item: Merona Jean Denim Jacket (exact – I want the white denim version next!)
  • Dress: Mossimo, Target (exact)
  • Necklace: Forever21 (super old; similar)
  • Purse: Coach (thrifted; similar)
  • Heels: Candies, Kohl’s (similar)

  • Kaci

    I can’t choose between the lemon or postcard tee!

  • Mattie Roush

    Oh my gosh…this dress…I randomly stumbled upon a blogger on Pinterest today (because she was wearing this Old Navy dress that I’ve seen EVERYWHERE and also just ordered), and she was wearing this dress in one of her posts. I thought it was so cute, but since I’m trying to restrict my buying (and I have a queue of like 5 things I already want…) I shrugged it off. I feel like you wearing it now is a sign that I need it…..

    Also, I’m obsessed with that bucket bag. I’ve looked at it a bunch of times!

    Okay…WHAT. I kept reading and realized the girl I was talking about above is your #2….maybe you’re the person who pinned it! Wow now I feel dumb! But still…same dress twice in one day?! Sign.

  • Ooo I call dibs on the Amalfi tee! And that bucket bag! Now I get “buttery leather” . It really does look so smooth and … buttery. haha

  • So chic indeed! Normally I steer toward darker denim but I love how this lighter one looks with navy. You look fab. And those stripey shoes might have found their way into my online cart…

  • I love how this is semi-retro. Really cute!

  • Julia @ Pennies & Paper

    I was torn on this dress and now am buying it (along with the watercolor one you posted earlier)–I had tried on the other pattern in this style and loved the fit but my store didn’t have this one…I’m all excited and will definitely be using this post (and Kimberly’s) for inspiration when I finally get it!