Best Friends With a Denim Jacket


You’ve been warned. Get ready to get sick of being both of these items (though not necessarily together).

I ordered this denim jacket last week (or the week before…April is flying by) when Target had a buy one, get one 50% off on Merona items. And I’m obsessed. I’ve know bloggers to gush about their denim jackets, and I had one, but didn’t think it was that great.

Well, apparently mine was not the right color and not the right fit, because this one is already my new best friend. I’ve worn it three times in one week, so prep yourself…this is the year (or at least the season) of the denim jacket here on Style On Target.


  • A denim jacket has to be justttt right for sure. I had one as a kid and wore it all the time. It was a vintage (it was my dad’s from the 70s) and wore that thing out. I got another one and was so unimpressed. Replaced that one with another that I now love. Moral of the story:: Jean jackets are just like jean pants. Just as hard to find one you love.

  • I never had a denim jacket growing up (although I did have a denim vest), and I really liked the first one I got (also from Target) until I realized it was just too cropped. I am happy to hear that you have items that you are loving so much!

  • I JUST got one last week too and loooooveeeeeeeeee it. I get it now, fashion bloggers!

  • Sarah H.

    I did the same thing with my denim jacket when I got it last year, or 3 years ago…this decade is flying by. I wear it less now just since I can’t wear it to work, but I’m still a fan.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life
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  • Julia @ Pennies & Paper

    Love this skirt! Between your blog and a friend of mine, I wish I could shop at Loft alllllllll the time. And I really need a denim jacket…I have a denim chambray that I use instead but it’s just not the same! Will definitely be looking for this at Target :)

  • I had to try at least three or four denim jackets before I found the right one…and yes, I’m quite in love with it. Just wore mine today, actually!

  • Liv

    My denim jacket is my best friend too. Thanks for sharing!


  • Took me a long time to finally find the perfect one, but once you find “the one” its priceless! I bought mine last year and have worn it so much!! Recently bought a lighter color denim vest for the summer. Btw, love the skirt!

  • Another amazing navy + light denim jacket look! Love this. And yes, the jacket does have to be just so (Megan’s right on the jeans comparison). I got lucky with a random Land’s End Canvas find a couple of years ago. Anything else I’ve tried on since then just hasn’t been quite right, so it was a major panic when I briefly lost mine by leaving it at a Starbucks last summer… there’s no replacing that thing :) Which means that although I’m jealous of how your lighter colored one makes these looks even cooler than mine would, I’m not sure I’ll even look for one… ha.

  • i have been wearing one of my denim jackets a lot lately, too! i have one in a darker wash and one in a lighter wash and i’ve found both are really versatile. this is a great find from target!