Five for Friday, Vol. 75 – Wanderlust

fffwanderlustAnyone else out there have a bad case of wanderlust?

wan·der·lust (noun): a strong desire to travel

So do you have it? I do! I’m always ready to pack a bag and jetset off to the next location, so I definitely was inspired by this Old Navy tee…inspired enough to pull together a Five for Friday post about the very word on the tee! Sure not every piece would work on every vacation (these heels do not equal hiking the Grand Canyon), but they each have a purpose!

Plus, this purse has been haunting me since last Saturday, so I’m pretty sure I’ve reached need status. Right? And it would work great as a purse for my next adventure. (I’m so great at justifying purchases, let me know if you ever need my help with this! ;))

Where would you jet off to if money/time/vacation days didn’t stand in your way? My pick this very second would be China to see the Great Wall, but this pick varies every week! Let me know yours!

  • Ohhhh…I get serious wanderlust too! If someone was offering to pay…I’d say Paris, Australia, or New Zealand. Or Kauai. That purse is adorable! Didn’t expect it to be Vera at all! I haven’t bought any in yeeaars (which is a big deal here with their annual outlet sale) but would go if I could find that for cheap!

  • Wanderlust is a pretty much constant struggle for me… I’d head straight for Thailand/Bali if I could!

  • Anna

    Wanderlust is a major thing for me. I think I’d head right for Europe. Or possibly Hawaii. I love that necklace! There may be a trip to Target in my future…

  • ZEBRA SCARF! the end.