Lilly for Target Filled Weekend


Hey y’all! Hope you all were able to survive the Lilly for Target launch this weekend. It was pure craziness (at least over here in Style On Target land)! I stayed up until 1:15am (which is remarkably late for me) on Sunday morning and managed to score the gold wedges (here) and the two flounce dresses (giraffe print and the sea urchin print) after some serious internet sleuthing (thanks to Twitter and Google).

I wasn’t able to score the other two items I thought I wanted: the navy shift dress or the coffee mugs. However, I’m not complaining, because I know a lot of people ended up with nothing, which is so disheartening after waiting so long for the collection to come. I grabbed my coffee early in the morning on Sunday and got to my local store right at 7:30am. I was probably 15th in line, but a couple of the women in front of me where just there for the kid clothes. Target tried to handle it as best as they could, with a manager announcing the limits on dresses and the store layout (“look for the ceiling flamingos”), but it was pure madness at my store (and apparently online after I went to bed). You can see the two items I was able to try on here on Instagram, but the size I wanted in the shift was snagged by someone right before I got to the rack. Oh well!

It seemed some stores were more chaotic than others and that Target had really poorly planned the amounts of the items at each store. The Indy store each received one set of the stackable coffee cups, which seemed like a very popular item, and the store I went to had just one size of every shift dress. I definitely think with all the publicity of the campaign and general popularity of Lilly (their own website crashes every year during their super sale, I’m told) that there should have been more inventory.

Were you all able to score anything? If not, be sure to watch and your local Target store. The return policy is within 14-days for the Lilly for Target items, so there’s bound to be some returns to be found! Fingers crossed for you all!

And if you didn’t score any Lilly, but still want to buy something from Target, this shuttlecock print blouse of mine is super cute and preppy, and there’s an extra 25% if you buy 3 or more clothing items this week from So, a silver lining, at least?


  • The Adored Life

    I couldn’t stay up that late! I ended up with one piece but it was pure accident because I walked in to buy candy! It looked like it had been crazy!

  • Kaci

    I agree that the planning was poor on the inventory. The employees at the West Carmel store said the central Indiana stores didn’t receive the bracelets, and only the Chicago area stores did? If it hadn’t been for stalking the fitting room, I wouldn’t have gotten anything.

  • Sarah H.

    I didn’t even try! I actually already planned on going grocery shopping at Super Target on Sunday evening, so before I hit the food aisles I checked out the women’s clothing section just for fun. I saw absolutely no sign that anything Lilly had ever been there.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life
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  • Meresu

    I was amongst the madding crowd and was able to get the white eyelet shorts and the long sleeve button down shirt on the first round. Then I was able to get the blue urchin flounce dress by stalking the dressing room put backs. However, when I first laid eyes on all 2 racks of women’s clothes that the crowd was walking/running to I thought “That’s it?”. It was anti-climatic and a little disappointing. But having heard that some people didn’t get anything I have come to terms with not getting everything I wanted but still hold out hope for returns. I spoke to the soft-lines manager at my local target and she said the best time for returns will be on day 13 and 14 of the return window when the ebay sellers return what didn’t sell. Of course nobody was really there for the toddler girl clothes so my 2yr old totally scored. Mommy 3pcs; baby girl 7pcs. I will tell her of this day so that within time she will appreciate the gravity of the great Lilly event of 2015 (tongue firmly in cheek)

  • I was out of town this weekend, so I didn’t participate in the madness at all. I think it’s probably better that way–I would have been so disappointed to wait in line only to get nothing!