Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Major sale alert…Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are all having 40% off sales today only (I think it occurred yesterday too, maybe?) with the code “SUNSHINE”. This is a big deal because Old Navy only occasionally has 40% off sales and Gap jeans and pants are included in their promo, and they almost are always considered a sale exception!

I’m loving the above picks and may be treating myself to some new spring duds that will transition to summer too¬†(can you believe that April is nearly over?)! Stripes, navy, puppy tees, and quirky prints. What else is new here?

So, click the picture of the product of your choice, and let’s grab some sunshine on this cloudy, gloomy day!

  • Rebecca

    Aaaahhhhh….I want to……but……money……sale…..ahhhhhhhh!