Rain on My Window(pane)


It’s been raining a lot here in Indiana, and yeah, yeah, I know that April showers bring May flowers. However, I also already have about 40 tulips blooming in my yard right now, so I think I’m good on the flower front. What I need for good blog photos are clear skies and limited wind gusts. Not too much to ask for, right?

Rainy days might not be good for blog photos, but they are good for listening to music, watching Netflix movies, drinking tea, and wearing pajamas. Aka, exactly what I did this past Sunday after recovering from the Lilly for Target rampage. So, so very needed! Plus, if you like lavender and/or tea, you should really try this tea!

Also, am I the only one that loves sleeping during rainstorms? It’s so relaxing (minus those loud claps of thunder that wake you up).

Anything you love (or hate) about rain?

ps. How much do these Merona ballet flats look like these Salvatore Ferragamo flats? Target, you have my heart forever. And bonus, they’re super comfortable.


  • I LOVE falling asleep (or waking up to) a good rainstorm! So soothing. And even a good spring thunderstorm is nice. And yes, Netflix, a good book, cozying up during a good storm is wonderful! Not so much if you have to be out and about!

  • Sarah H.

    So for the next meetup, which matching Loft skirts should we wear – red flippy or windowpane circle?

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life
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  • Dabney Smith

    I tried on those fabulous shoes and the sides hurt my feet!! :( I’m thinking about getting them again, and wearing invisible socks with them cause they’re sooooo cute!!!!