Mom’s Advice


Do you guys garden? I can’t. I kill everything green that crosses my path (minus this one succulent that I grew forever). I definitely, DEFINITELY have a black thumb. My mom on the other hand does not.

So, I was talking to my younger (and only) brother, R, on the phone Saturday evening, and I was telling him how The Husband had spent the whole day doing yardwork and that I planted some tomato and strawberry plants in containers for our front porch. He didn’t let me even finish telling him about it and blurts out, “Katie, you idiot! Don’t you know that you’re not suppose to plant things until after Mother’s Day.” He also went on to tell me that it was “the most important piece of advice” that our mom has given him.

Now mind you, this kid is newly 26-years-old. He’s never planted anything in his life nor does he ever worry about frost, because up until last month, he’s lived in California for his entire post-graduation life.

I could not stop laughing that this was “the most important piece of advice” that he has retained from our mom. So it got me thinking about what was my most important that I have learned from my mom, and even though she’s taught me a ton (like everything I know about gardening, sewing, etc.), I think my favorite advice is “Don’t worry about what others think of you.” Especially when you decide to wear paisley and stripes together! ;)

What other “Mom-isms” do you all adhere to?


  • Danielle

    It’s a bit early to put tomatoes *in the ground* where you are but if you’ve got them in containers you’re probably fine as long as you bring them in if you’re expecting a frost. And a lot plants are fine to get in the ground in April in Indiana. I’d argue that waiting until after Mother’s Day would be too late for most plants!

  • But she’s right… because it’s totally going to frost here tonight – blerg. I hope your little plants don’t get too cold. That is funny it’s the one thing that has stuck with him though. The one that I’ve carried to this day is always have a pair of boots and gloves and hat in the car any time you go anywhere in the winter because “you never know when you’ll go off the side of the road”. Thanks, mom – practical and terrifying advice.

    In other news I love your shoes! Especially in combination with the print on the shirt. And the sunshine in your photos.

  • Rebecca

    Succulent RIP

  • Meresu

    Here’s one I remember: Never call after 10 p.m., it’s rude.

  • OK, I say it almost every time I stop by your blog, but THIS is one of my favorite outfits of yours. Love the tiny little tie of your great shirt. Darling!