Five More Minutes


“You take forever, ever, ever, ever / But you’re always worth waiting for / You take forever, ever, ever, ever / I guess I’ll wait a little more / Now I know it’s time I realize I’ll be waiting half my life, yeah / With my back up against the door / Cuz you take forever, ever, ever, ever, ever ever ever / But you’re always worth waiting for”

I have to listen to music when I’m writing blog posts or editing photos, and I’ve recently been switching between the new Death Cab for Cutie album and Andy Grammer’s Magazines or Novels album. One of the songs off of Andy’s album is called “Forever” (see lyrics above), and it’s about a girl who takes all the time in the world to get ready. It got me thinking about how I’m one of those people who doesn’t take forever to get ready.

I wake up at 5:45am (ugh, writing it out makes it look really bad), and I take about 15 minutes getting ready. This includes putting my contacts in, applying makeup, getting my outfit ready/on, and coaxing Cooper out of bed so he can go outside.

It probably helps that my makeup routine is minimal (and that I’m in love with my products currently), and I usually have an outfit laid out the night before. Plus, I really enjoy my 30 minutes of coffee/me-time before leaving for work, so who wants eyeshadow cutting into those precious minutes?

But I definitely know some ladies (and a few gentlemen) that take FOREVER to get ready. It’s more of an event for them (some complete with playlists), and they usually enjoy the time playing with makeup or outfit options. Which is great too!

So I wanted to know more about you, dear friends, are you an-in-and-out individual or do you like to take your time when getting ready?


  • I’m pretty quick getting ready too (although, not as quick as you so it makes me feel like I take forever!). I wake up two hours before I start work (I only have to leave 15 minutes before I start because I live so close) but I always have looots of downtime in the morning (45 minutes-ish?).

    I just would prefer to wake up earlier/get less sleep to have some me time. Days when I wake up, rush to get ready, and run out the door are my least favorite!

  • I try to get ready as quick as possible too, partially because I have a toddler getting into who knows what if I don’t and because I just don’t like wasting too much time on the stuff I have to do every day! That skirt is great!!

  • Liv

    You perfectly styled this look. Thanks for sharing!


  • Maria Martinez

    My time getting ready is also minimal. I wear light makeup and also have my clothes laid out the night before (I actually pick my outfits for the week) However, I have a preschooler and toddler who who must be coxed out of bed (much like your doggie) and changed, etc I wish I had that extra “me” time in the morning. I may have to start waking up earlier to do it:) I’m sure it would make for a much better start to the day. Plus I find that its hard to get that time in once I pickup my kids in the afternoon. I hate feeling rushed and frazzled when I start the day (which unfortunately is most mornings) I even stopped straightening my hair because there just isn’t enough time!

  • Kaci

    Love the way you’ve styled the skirt! I was so close to ordering it during Loft’s 70% off flash sale on Sunday night. Then I couldn’t bring myself to pay $9 for shipping.

  • Meaghan

    I’m definitely an up and out the door kind of person. I shower at night and prep whatever I can for my lunch so that in the morning I can sleep in as late as possible. I work in a lab so I’m usually in jeans and my hair has to be up, making getting ready quick and painless. And unless dealing with a breakout, I only wear mascara on a daily basis. So for everyday, I’m low-maintenance.

  • I always snooze my alarm until 6 (the latest I can get up), so it’s all about getting out the door fast! I pick my outfit out the night before and have a really minimal makeup routine so I’m gone by 6:20. I love makeup but sleep is way better! :)

  • Florentina Scusi

    Very pretty ensemble!