Nautical Nancy


Today’s fun highlights:

Today’s not-so-fun highlights:
  • The Husband went to the dentist on Monday (for the first time in a long time)…and found out that he has several, SEVERAL, cavities. I’m having sympathy pains for him! Yikes!

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • Food truck festival? Awesome! And such a cute errand-running outfit. Feeling a little nautical myself here in white jeans, chambray, and the fabulous Old Navy striped espadrille lace ups… combined with this amazing weather, I’m not hating this bordering-on-summery feeling at all! Happy weekend :)

  • I love this sweatshirt every time you wear it. So bummed I missed out on it, but the JCF version is a great option!

  • Meresu

    Bass Pro also has a eyelet sweatshirt by Natural Reflections in more sizes for $37.99. I know it sounds weird that an outdoor supply store can have stylish things for women but I got an awesome pair of riding style boots there for $40 a year ago.

  • Florentina Scusi

    Very nice ensemble! Great sweater!

  • That sweatshirt is so adorable! Love it with the stripes too.

  • Laura @TheClarityofClothing

    Love a good nautical outfit!! And it looks so comfy!