What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 78 – Oh La La

Oh La La


My weekly “What I Wish I Wore” posts have really turned into “What I Wish I Could Buy and Then Promptly Wear”.

Which is pretty fun (almost like creative window shopping)!

I’m currently obsessed with everything and anything from J.Crew Factory (ps. seriously how cute is this star necklace?), and I feel like any time I’m on their website, I can always find something I want to order. The trick is waiting for a good sale day (and the super trick is finding out what is a good sale). I’ve seen 30% off (with reduced prices) and 50% off everything (with normal prices), so it’s really a gambling game of when to order.

But as soon as I find a good sale day, I’m ordering this tee and this skirt (and maybe that star necklace), and I’m definitely going to pair them together like this! Oh la la!

Items from the Look:

  • I’ve been wanting a tee with a cute saying but hadn’t found one I liked enough. This one is perfect, especially because of the stripes!


  • Love that shirt!! If it wasn’t for shipping I’d order it right away!

  • I just ordered that tee :) I couldn’t resist!