Little Bike Dress


Clever title, huh. It’s like little black dress, but not! Thought of it all by myself, guys…

On that note, where did the weekend go? I spent my two days driving to northern Indiana, losing terribly at mini golf to my dad (did you guys know he played in mini golf league when he was a teenager…and you think I’m the dork of the family – just kidding, love you Dad), watching the new Avengers movie (my review: average at best), and celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom.

So a wonderful time, but definitely flew by in a blink of an eye. You know what makes Mondays better? Wearing two (or three or four) of your favorite things to work. Bike, stripes, blue heels from my wedding, and a blue beaded necklace from Loft that I can’t stop wearing? Yes, please.