This or That?

Kind of a fun post for you today (at least I think so!). Don’t you hate when you find the perfect print in a top, but then wished it came in a purse or a skirt or a pair of shoes? I do, and maybe that a “me problem” but I like to think that a lot of people out there think the same thing when shopping. So today, I’ve taken all that wishing and channeled it into positive shopping (that’s a thing, right?).


Round 1: Gingham Backpack vs. Gingham Tote
Round 2: Stripe Skirt vs. Stripe Dress
Round 3: Wrap Top vs. Wrap Dress
Round 4: Floral Shorts vs. Floral Scarf
Round 5: Stripe Mini vs. Stripe Maxi
Round 6: Polka Dot Purse vs. Polka Dot Sneakers

Whatever you end up picking, it’s bound to be a stylish winner!

  • Great match-up! I’m pretty torn between those shorts and scarf… can I get both?! :)

    • Denise Z

      Ck your Target stores–ours have those floral shorts on clearance now!

  • Now I wish that gingham tote came in a weekender too!