Five for Friday, Vol. 79 – Hello Yellow


I saw this lovely outfit post from the great Kendi Everyday and immediately pinned it. While I really love the items that she used in her outfit, the beautiful pineapple white lace dress was $99….on sale….

Way out of my league.

So I did what I think I do best, which is make the same outfit out of mostly Target items. Plus, I’ve already ordered these yellow heels, so I had to let you guys in on the score before they sell out!

ps. If you order from this link, you’ll get 20% off an order of $60+, which means you can get these yellow fellows on sale (or the four other colors they come in…or you know the 100s of other shoes from Sole Society…and this fox scarf)!

Well hello yellow, indeed!

  • Psals

    Yellow fellow haha … I love it! That denim jacket looks nice, do you by any chance have recommendations for soft (non stiff) denim jackets that are affordable ($40 or under)? I’m 5’10 with long orangutan arms and generally a size 6 in clothes. All the denim jackets I’ve tried are either awkwardly short in the sleeves and torso, or too stiff. Oy! #tallgirlproblems

  • Sarah Kay

    …when you have a coupon for 20% off of $60 and what you want is $59.95. Sigh.

    Love those yellow shoes!

  • I’ve been eying those Merona dresses and really just need to pick a color. So cute!