Gingham Jam


No, I didn’t wear this outfit to conquer the Indiana Dunes this weekend, and yes, I’ll hopefully have more about my fun and exhausting (we hiked sand hills for over 7 miles in one day) trip later this week.

But first things, first. Monday….blech.

And Mondays can only be made better by throwing caution to the wind and mixing black and navy together (with a dash of red).

So throw on that navy gingham, and let’s jam!


  • Love that necklace! And I wore a pretty similar skirt today myself! Warm weather calls for comfy black skirts, I guess :)

  • Such a fun necklace!

  • I never did find myself a gingham shirt. Navy would’ve been my first choice!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Very nice outfit! I really like your shirt and flats!