Indiana Dunes Weekend


I’ve got a jam packed post for you all about my trip this past weekend to the Indiana Dunes. Hope you’re ready for it, and spoiler alert? I always forget while on vacation to take outfit photos. Some call it a break…others just say that I’m forgetful (take your pick…or both!), so I’ve created some mockups for you!

Day 1 Outfit:

day1anecklace, boatneck tee (so many colors!), sunglasses, purse, shorts, sandals

Day 1 Details: 
The Husband and I drove about 2.5 hours north to get to the Dunes, and we met his parents there at the hotel. We all got into a car and headed immediately to see the beach (see the first picture). We walked along the beach and just soaked up the sun and stretched our legs after the car ride.

We then decided to go to the lighthouse in Michigan City (see below), and it was the first time I have been to Michigan City and not gone to the outlet mall (the horror, I know). Maybe next time…


After the lighthouse, we were famished, so we used our trusty tour guide pamphlet to make our way to downtown Chesterton (a cute little city) where the best burger in the area is supposed to be (at Octave Grill). After about a 45-minute wait, we scored a table at the 8-table establishment (not even kidding folks, we counted) and ordered some drinks (sangria for yours truly) and burgers. The Husband and I split the “Figgy Piggy” burger that had fig jam, bacon, and goat cheese on it. Delicious! It was definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had, so kudos Octave Grill!

Day 2 Outfit:

day2asweatshirt, graphic tee, sunglasses, hat, shorts, sneakers

Day 2 Details:
The next morning started pretty early, as we were to tackle the “3-Dune Challenge” (read more on it here). It actually did not take us that long to conquer the three highest dunes in the park (not-so-humble brag), so we opted to take a 3.75-mile hike on top of that! Let me tell you, we were certainly tired and hungry after all of that, but well rewarded with all the beautiful landscapes!


One of Chad’s aunts had previously been to the Dunes area and told us how great this adorable food truck was (The Rolling Stonebaker), so we knew we were going to check that out for lunch. It’s a vintage Studebaker truck turned into a wood pizza oven on wheels! Absolutely brilliant!

It just happened to be at the European Market (a big park filled with tents of food/craft vendors), which is another thing we wanted to see on our trip, so it was perfect coincidence. Pizza and shopping and the outdoors? What more could a girl want? The Husband and I split a pizza (BBQ pork…yum) and a cinnamon sugar pretzel (with vanilla icing…naturally) from Ben’s Pretzels for dessert.


We ran out of things that we “absolutely had to do” so we used our free time to walk around Valparaiso’s downtown and grab some dinner…aka ice cream (my vote) and some beers and appetizers from a local brewery, Figure 8 Brewing (The Husband’s vote). We finished with cupcakes from a local bakery while we were watching the sun set on the beach.


My mother-in-law has a Fitbit, and by the end of this day, we had 22,000 steps accumulated! Holy moly! So naturally we were in bed early this night!

Day 3 Outfit:

day3atee, belt, shorts, purse, sandals

Day 3 Details: 

This day was pretty short, as both couples had to get back home to take care of Sunday errands. We hike another 1.5 mile trail and ended up getting caught in a rain shower as we were finishing the hike! It wasn’t that bad though, because it was the first real rain of the weekend (after I thought it was going to rain alllll weekend long), so I’ll take it!

And there you have it…my Indiana Dunes weekend! If you’re in the Midwest, I would definitely recommend it for a long summer weekend. There were a few more small towns that we didn’t get to check out, and a few more trails to hike in the state park, so I’m sure we’ll make our way back there sometime!

  • Meresu

    Yes! Great outfit inspiration for my “Dunes” trip this summer. I live in Colorado so the Great Sand Dunes National Park is where I’ll be headed. To compare; ours is on a river that during the summer can be just a one step to the other side stream but we’ve had a lot of rain lately so we might have to wade across. Then giant sand dunes (think Lawrence of Arabia) to hike up. Bringing the kiddos for the first time, can’t wait!

  • Kaci

    Chesterton! My college friends from that area always refer to it as Chestertucky.

  • This looks like an amazing weekend! And now I want that cinnamon pretzel… 22,000 steps is no joke! One day I got 25,000 (on a Saturday, so no work the next day or anything…) and I started falling asleep at 9 p.m.!

  • Looks like fun! I don’t live too far from these either but have only visited once and it was a super long time ago! I love your striped shorts and striped shirt in #1 and #3!

  • Fun! Makes me excited to be living close to my Michigan dunes again soon… Also, I didn’t realize there IS anything else in Michigan City beyond the outlet mall! :) I love a mixture of lots of activity + good food – perfect getaway in my book.