10 Things Tuesday (5.26.15)


Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. I’m pretty sure the fine people at The Limited designed this sweater for me…so of course, I bought it.
  2. Blogger love of the week: I think a slow clap for Sarah’s red, white, and blue outfit is needed. So chic and ALL of the stripes, please!
  3. I’m almost hit the buy button on these espadrille flats about 17 times…they’re on sale through Sunday, so I still might!
  4. 31 things you didn’t know about J.Crew. Some of these are super interesting!
  5. If you’re bad at hair (like me), then you’ll probably enjoy this article. Someone please come to my house every morning and do my hair, pretty please?
  6. You’ll see this lipstick coming to a blog near you (cough this one cough), but I wanted to give you a heads up about it…it’s my ideal red (color: Red Revenge) and lasts forever!
  7. Signs you are from the Midwest: this video is 100% me. Sooooo. do you have any ranch? (Or puppy chow?)
  8. No, I don’t own a sailboat, and I’ve only sailed for a few moments on a camp single person sailboat at camp (a long time ago), but yes, I still ordered this t-shirt this weekend. #nauticalvibesforever
  9. This zoo just had newborn cheetah cubs…and they’re the cutest things I saw all week! Runner up: this elephant selfie is pretty dang cute too.
  10. You can’t beat the price on this wrap skirt…perfect for the office and for nights out on the town (it’s an even better deal and cooler print than my J.Crew Factory one).


  • The Limited always has the cutest intarsia sweaters (that I only see thanks to you)! I love my beagle sweater. That hair post is so me. Ah those leopard cubs! Tacoma is where I went to college, and Seattle is about a half hour north sooo I may make the trip down there to see them when they’re out!

    Lastly I’m loving this look, especially the top and blazer!

  • Kaci

    That Buzzfeed article about hair is 100% accurate.

  • Liv

    Love these posts. Thanks for sharing!!



  • Sarah H.

    A slow clap?! For ME?! Yesssss.

  • Ooh, love the stripes/graphic tee combo. Bold and chic!

  • Katy B

    I have always shied away from getting one of those striped blazers because I couldn’t figure out what I’d wear it with other than a plain white shirt. Well, now I know! This looks AWESOME.

  • Love your whole outfit here!