May 2015 Budget

Oh May! The days are getting WAY warmer, and I’m embracing that warmer weather in my May budget! Think short sleeves, sandals, and shorts (with a bonus sweater thrown in there for good measure)…

Check out May’s budget below to see the damage (and tune back in this afternoon for your regularly scheduled What I Wish I Wore post!):


May 2015 Budget
+ Talbots Roses Graphic T-Shirt – $14 ($39.50 originally – sale price – 30% friends/family sale – here)
+ Target Multicolored Statement Necklace – $9 ($13 originally – 25% off deal – here)
+ Loft Embroidered Floral Top – $30 ($54.50 originally – sale price – here)
+ Naturalizer Cream/Neutral Sandals – $50 ($100 originally – price matching on Nordstrom – here)
+ The Limited Bike Intarsia Sweater – $30 ($60 originally – 50% off sale – here)
+ Old Navy Soft Navy Floral Shorts – $12 ($26.94 – sale price – extra 30% off – here)
+ Old Navy Blue/Gray Graphic Tee – $9 ($15 originally – sale – here)
+ Loft Blue Ombre Beaded Necklace – $10 ($44.50 originally – sale price – 70% off flash sale – here)

Not Pictured:
Every. Single. Thing. I bought this weekend during those dang fantastic Memorial Day sales (don’t worry, these will be factored into the June budget, which is sure to be crazy…hello birth month!)

Total Spent: $164

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: $36 = $200 – $164
Total Saved: $189.44 = $353.44 (if not on sale) – $164
Item Count: 8
Carryover to Next Month: $192 = $156 + $36

*Means it was marked off my 2015 Wishlist (see that post here) – nothing this month!

I lied last month when I said I was going to cool it with the blue, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? And I’m really happy with all the items I purchased this month (even though those sandals ate up 25% off my budget)! I should really say that with an asterisk besides it, since I haven’t received the bike sweater in the mail yet, but if it is anything like my beagle/dog sweater from this past winter, I’m going to love it…plus it has a bike on it, how can I return that? ;)

I also stayed under budget this month. Whaaaa? That never happens. That should ALSO have an asterisk by it, because, this past weekend (hello sales bonanza) I placed a ton of orders. I can’t wait to receive SO MANY packages (sorry Husband), but in the meantime, I’ll spill the beans on what I ordered (obviously I might not keep all of them for various reasons)!

In June, I’m hoping to add a pair of black/white stripe shorts to my closet (maybe these?) and maybe a few more tanks/tees for the upcoming hot summer months, but other than that, nothing much. I need to add to my 2015 Wishlist, as I feel like my wants have really changed since January! I’d also like to buckle down on my hunt for a new blue/navy purse. Any great recommendations out there?

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Nicely done on staying under budget this month :) I didn’t *whomp whomp*. Like that ombre necklace!

  • Kaci

    Love those Old Navy shorts – I’m going to keep an eye out for a sale!

  • I did pretty well this month! I did win a $100 gift card, so that helped. :) I am so obsessed with those shoes, but I can’t justify them. I bought some light cognac heeled sandals that I love and they’re comfy…gotta just stick with those.

  • Appreciate that you show this, keeping it real! Did you have any luck with the blue & white sleeveless dress from ON? I thought you mentioned ordering it recently…I also did too and was hoping for styling tips!

  • Those ON shorts are amazing. I got them in a solid color I loved them so much!

  • Jessa

    I’ve been buying too much blue myself these past few months, but I am unabashed in my love for the colour of the summer. I also think that most major retailers are offering a lot of blue items over other colours, I’ve been searching for a colourful dress for awhile now, but opted for another blue one … c’est la vie! The ON shorts are tres adorable.

  • Sarah H.

    More bikes!!! Haha. We’re probably going to get bikes once we move into the Broad Ripple abode (because duh) so maybe then I can buy bike clothes and not feel like a fraud.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • LOVE the floral shorts!! Also, I so relate to getting lots of packages from online orders–I seriously came home to like four in one day! Eek! :)