1989 Tour


Ahhh, I don’t even know how to begin to describe the magical feeling of awe that I experienced Tuesday night at the Taylor Swift concert in Louisville, Kentucky!

I fangirl over very few things. Specifically, only two times that I can remember: having a book signed by Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy and seeing Peyton Manning standing 10 yards away from you at a Colts game. But let me tell you….I fangirled hard at this concert!


B and I drove down to Louisville after work and followed a sea of red lipstick teens to the concert (full disclosure: we were both wearing red lipstick as well – both wearing this exact one actually!). C joined us (more importantly…with the tickets), and we bounced into the KFC Yum! Center.


Our seats were pretty awesome (shoutout to C for the arena hookup), and guys, Taylor’s long runway-like stage MOVES. It lifts up and rotates OVER THE CROWD. It was very cool, very crazy, and very connecting. I loved it.

That wasn’t even the coolest part. Everyone in the arena got a light-up band (think like a FitBit band – example here if you don’t know what that is), so once Taylor’s set started, the bands all lighted up and pulsed/flashed with the beat of the music. It was 100% magical and unique, and I loved the community feeling that someone way across the arena was a part of your concert experience. Genius, Taylor, genius.


The songs themselves were 98% perfection. Taylor revamped “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, and I just wasn’t feeling them. Regardless, I still have sore feet from all the standing and dancing I did, and I just loved it all (especially enjoying a great night with the besties)!

So if you are going to Taylor later this year, you’re going to have a blast! And if you’re not, you might want to reconsider…or invite me over, and we’ll try to recreate it with red lipstick, lots of iPhone flashlights, and iTunes! ;)

In true Style On Target fashion, here is what I wore, and I was inspired by the Red album and Taylor’s style of dress then. Stripes and red are always an easy entry into my heart (and Taylor’s too)!


ps. The opening act was Vance Joy (you know his song, Riptide), and I was pumped to see him, because I have been listening to his album while writing this blog! He was adorable AND has a Australian accent, so definitely check out his album, Dream Your Life Away!

pps. I did not wear my hat into the concert, but everything else is exactly what I wore! I just loved how it made me look more like the Red album cover. #soverybasic ;)


  • Okay, that picture of you at the top of the post is TOO CUTE. I love the outfit! Annnd I’m 150% jealous of your T-Swift concert experience! Plus, Vance Joy opening is amazing. It’s depressing when the opener is meh (okay well nothing could be depressing at a Taylor Swift concert…but you know what I mean).

  • I am ETERNALLY jealous. I fangirl so much over TSwift. Someday I’ll see her in concert, somedaaayyyyyy!

    Loving the Red inspiration btw. Taylor would approve ;o)

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  • irinadriga

    You look great!!!

  • Sarah H.

    You definitely have that red lip classic thing that…someone likes. I’m not a big fan of giant crowded concerts, so I might enjoy your recap more than I would have enjoyed the actual concert!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life