Oh, Happy, Happy Day!


Last year’s post on my birthday (totally not going to link to it…it’s a amazing how far this blog has come in a year and how LONG my hair has grown) was titled “Oh, Happy Day!” and I’m still pretty dang happy. Maybe even happier…gasp!

This is likely because I’m not in the middle of selling a house and buying a new one like I was this time last year (thank goodness…), so hence today’s post’s title. Plus, I’m having sangria (probably as you’re reading this), so what more could a girl ask for?

A new dress and a jean jacket? Yeah, I think that would work just fine…;)

ps. This gingham dress is amazing. It doesn’t look that great on the hanger, but trust me enough to try it on! I definitely recommend it for most body shapes, and trust me again when I say that you absolutely need a belt (either the string one that comes with it or one of your own) for it!


  • Are your Target shoes from last year? This morning I wore my identical ones in black! I thought I had them on while typing this but then realized I changed into comfier clothes after work. Also sangria sounds awesome. Happy birthday!!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Great dress!

  • Happy birthday! Love the red shoes with this outfit. Enjoy your sangria! (P.S. I sent you a super long list of PNW food recommendations via email…it really is long, I’m so sorry.)

  • I LOVE that dress. Probably going to go out and get it for myself because, well, treat yo self.

  • Happy Birthday Beautful Katie!!! I hope you have a lovely day! I love your blog and style!

  • Happy birthday! Go ahead and have another sangria on me. Love this outfit. That dress is precious on you.

  • Happy, happy birthday! Every girl should have a birthday dress, and this one is so perfect for you – suits your silhouette and your style to a tee (especially with the fabulous pop of red).

    It appears I’m still going to be nowhere close to done with the house selling when my birthday arrives in 9 days… so I look forward to being even happier next year :)

  • Jaime Costilow

    Happy, happy birthday!! First of all, the sangria sounds VERY tasty, and that outfit is adorable. I have the striped version of your wedges and LOVE them, too. Hopefully your birthday is a fabulous as your outfit

    XO, Jaime

  • Happy birthday Katie! That is a great, birthday-worthy outfit! :)

  • Dabney Smith

    Happy (late) birthday!!!! Really, really, really love this outfit!!!