White Hot Summer


First off, thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes! I had a great day filled with lots of love, presents, and sangria!

But now onto more important things….like what the heck to wear to the office when it’s 90+ degrees outside (like it has been here in Indiana the past two days)?

White and light!

That’s right…my solution rhymes, because I’m embarrassingly cool like that. But at least it makes it easy to remember! The all white outfit (with black accents) keeps you cool, because white reflects light (instead of absorbing it like black and making you hotter), and because you’re wearing a collared shirt and skirt, you’re still business appropriate.

I’m sure I’ll be showing other office appropriate outfits for summertime temperatures in the next few weeks (read sundresses with blazers, most likely), because we’re suppose to stay in the high 80s all next week. I guess summer is officially here a few weeks early!


  • Kaci

    I’ll take early summer in Indy. It can stick around as long as it wants.

  • Liv

    Love the pop of color with your necklace.



  • I love the white on white look! Need to figure out how to do it myself. Also loving the windowpane skirt and those shoes!

  • Happy belated birthday!! You look so chic!

  • Sarah H.

    Thanks for the outfit idea. As you know, I already have the skirt ;)

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life