On Trend: Turquoise Time


Ready for a geology lesson? Not from me (I majored in marketing), but courtesy of Wikipedia?

Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium, with an intense chemical formula that I did not bother copying and pasting into this very non-scientific blog (you’re welcome).

It is rare and valuable and has been prized as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years and in multiple cultures owing to its unique hue.

So while I may not have any rare turquoise baubles to offer you here, I do have a variety of turquoise items for you to add to your closet to add that same unique hue to your summer look.

Check out these turquoise gems:

  1. Merona Turquoise Bow Crossbody Purse (comes in 3 other shades)
  2. Merona Turquoise Cocoon Cardigan (comes in 10+ other shades)
  3. Revel Turquoise Espadrilles (comes in 3 other colors/patterns)
  4. Merona Boatneck Tee (comes in 10 other colors and stripes – my favorite tee!)
  5. Merona Turquoise Crepe Shirtdress (comes in 3 other colors)
  6. Target Gold/Turquoise Statement Necklace
  7. Merona Turquoise Stripe Maxi Dress
  8. Mossimo Supply Co. Tropical Leaf Print Infinity Scarf

  • Jessica

    One of my favorite colors! Love that scarf!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  • Jaime Costilow

    Love love love the turquoise sweater! I have that same one in navy and oatmeal. They are the BEST sweater and so soft!

    XO, Jaime