How Do You Like Your Blues?


You know that classic diner question when you’re ordering breakfast?

“How do you like your eggs?”

Well, I like my eggs scrambled (or more recently, over hard) for those of you keeping track at home and are waiting to invite me over for brunch (I accept!).

But the more important question to me…is “how do you like your blues?” And I like my blues with a side of navy blues and another side of whites. Add a dash of mint (or yellow or red or brown or gray) and color me a happy girl!

So that’s what I did here. Navy and more navy for your viewing pleasure! Now where’s my brunch invite? ;)

ps. This is the skirt I was wearing when I got called Dorothy!


  • Liv

    Beautiful shades of blues. I love my blues in the form of denim.


  • I love your Dorothy skirt! And that Peter Pan-collar top looks great with it!

  • That bag looks great with this outfit! Perfect pop of subtle color.

  • Kaci

    My first thought was, “that HAS to be the Dorothy skirt!”

  • Sarah H.

    Girl. I need this bag. I will invite you to brunch but if you bring that bag, it might not leave with you.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life