12 Summer Dresses

Summer weather means dress weather to me, and since it is officially summer (wahoo!), I thought I’d showcase some great summer dresses out there currently. Loft is killing it in the dress department this year (okay, really they’re killing it in all areas this year…kudos Loft…take my money), so I tried to limit myself to not picking 12 dresses from Loft (but I could have) and spread the love to some other retailers.

Just click on the dress you like!

It’s like the movie 27 Dresses, except that there are only 12 dresses, Katherine Heigel is nowhere to be found, and I’m singing “Bennie and the Jets” all by myself (the movie is definitely a chick flick and worth a watch if you haven’t seen it!).

  • I have the top middle one from ON and it is super comfy!! It was a random find and immediate buy, those don’t always turn out but this one did!